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Post  Tippa@4WardEver on Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:41 pm

We have just received the following message and are asked to spread the word:

Impending Execution of Suleiman Olufemi
A 28-year old Nigerian, Suleiman Olufemi, presently stands the risk of impending judicial execution by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to news alert by Amnesty International, Suleiman Olufemi was reportedly sentenced to death in May 2005, in connection with the murder of a Police Officer in Jeddah in 2002, being one of the 13 Nigerians arrested and charged with with the murder.

It is widely reported that his trial was conducted in Arabic, a language he does not understand. He had no access to legal representation or consular assistance and was reportedly not provided with a translator. This clearly falls below minimum international requirements of Due Process in Law as in equity or good conscience under Islamic law. While the international community of Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora regret the unfortunate demise of the Saudi Police officer, the Saudi authorities may have tried the wrong suspect who does not understand the process since it was held in Arabic.

We seek to reiterate that the punishment for the crime under Saudi Islamic law, public execution by beheading, is final and cannot be reversed once carried out. We urge you to assist in preventing a situation where an innocent person is wrongly executed.

This is why we call upon the President to use his offices together with the Islamic Umma to prevail upon the Saudi Arabian authorities to commute the sentence of Suleiman Olufemi in line with the equities of Sharia law.This is also in line with the present Government’s laudable policy of citizen diplomacy.

Thank you for your intervention in this matter.
Yours truly

We will post further updates as they arise!

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