Innocent Man Executed in Texas

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Innocent Man Executed in Texas Empty Innocent Man Executed in Texas

Post  Tippa@4WardEver on Sat Jun 28, 2008 3:35 pm

Carlos De Luna was executed in Texas in 1989 for stabbing a convenience store clerk to death in 1983. The Chicago Tribune and ABC's Nightline investigated the case and concluded that De Luna was innocent. DeLuna, a young Hispanic man, was convicted on the basis of a quick on-the-scene witness identification, claimed that the killer was a man named Carlos Hernandez.

The prosecution argued that Hernandez was a "phantom." The Tribune found that Hernandez (who died in prison in 1999) was not only no phantom, but also no stranger to law enforcement. In fact, one of DeLuna's prosecutors knew Hernandez well from an earlier homicide investigation. Hernandez and DeLuna were strikingly similar in appearance but, unlike DeLuna, Hernandez had a long history of knife attacks similar to the convenience store killing and repeatedly told friends and relatives that he had committed the murder for which DeLuna was executed.

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Innocent Man Executed in Texas Empty Re: Innocent Man Executed in Texas

Post  Neicey on Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:32 pm

Another heart breaking story. I was researching the Old Bailey website and came across executions from 300 years ago and it seems that in the State of Texas they have the same philosophy as we had in 1738. Firstly it doesn't matter who we execute as long as some one dies. It doesn't matter that there maybe a shadow of a doubt, as long as they are poor and don't contribute much, we can afford to kill them.
Death by fire was the execution of choice, not much different to the chair. Although the executioners often strangled the prisoner first, a bit similar to the injection except often that doesn't work and we don't really know if the prisoner is aware of not being able to breath for several minutes. I cannot comprehend the mentality of a supposedly progressive intelligent nation killing its citizens. We also know that often the prosecution know of a persons innocence and still choose to take that persons life.

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