A tribute to Abdelhakim Ajimi

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A tribute to Abdelhakim Ajimi Empty A tribute to Abdelhakim Ajimi

Post  Zana@4wardEver on Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:40 pm

A death in police custody in south-east France is causing community concern.

BEHIND a banner proclaiming 'police blunder, assassins', hundreds of people, a thousand perhaps (according to the organisers), took part in a largely silent demonstration (except when marching past the police station) on Sunday 11 May in the centre of the south-eastern city of Grasse (Alpes-Maritîmes). The march was held in tribute to 22-year-old Abdelhakim Ajimi (aka Hakim) who died two days earlier, while or after being arrested in circumstances which have still not been officially ascertained.

According to the daily Nice-Matin, which published the first report on 10 May, an altercation grew out of the refusal of the young man's bank branch (at Crédit Agricole) to allow him to withdraw money. He got angry and the police, alerted by the bank manager, intervened. According to Dominique Vian, the Alpes-Maritimes Prefect, a violent struggle ensued, wounding two police officers, one of whom was hospitalised with a collarbone fracture. In the Prefect's press release, published only one day after the death of Hakim when his family and supporters were marching in Grasse in tribute to him, Dominique Vian defended the conduct of the officers carrying out the arrest, stating: 'Nothing that took place would lead me to question the actions of the police.'

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