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Post  Jennie on Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:02 pm

You can not e-mail Governor Haley Barbour at this time. Please contact him at the phone number or address below.

P.O. Box 139,

Jackson, Mississippi 39205

phone: 601.359.3150

fax: 601.359.3741

other Mississippi contacts:

Pardon/Parole Board
e-dress: sskipper@mdoc.state.ms.us
phone: 601-354-7716
fax: 601-354-7725

The Starkville Daily News
e-dress: sdnlegals@bellsouth.net
phone: 601-961-7240
fax: 601-961-7211

The Jackson Advocate

e-dress: jadvocat@aol.com

phone: 601-948-4122

fax: 601-948-4125

I ask you, Governor Barbour, to stop your state's execution of Dale Leo Bishop. Mr. Bishop is scheduled to die next Tuesday, 07/22/2008, at 6:00PM at the State Penitentiary in Parchman, Mississippi, for the 1998 murder of Mark Gentry.

As happens routinely in your state, Mr. Bishop failed to receive his constitutionally guaranteed fair trail. His trial lawyers botched his case in many ways, including failing to mention Mr. Bishop’s lifelong psychiatric problems. Further, no evidence was offered during the trial of intent to murder the victim, thus disqualifying the case from capital sentencing. Finally, your state’s execution protocol will result in excruciating pain and suffering, making it void under the ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ clause of the United States Constitution. Governor Barbour, for procedural, legal and humanitarian reasons, you must cancel this execution!

Former Attorney General of the United States Janet Reno, as well as myriads of scholars, can find no evidence that the death penalty deters capital crimes. In fact, the warden of the famous Sing Sing prison believes that the death penalty exacerbates the violence in his facility by setting an example of cold-blooded killing. Recent studies show that the largest increase in capital crimes is in Texas, the state which executes the most people. As for vengeance, that is the Lord's, not the governments.

Please, Governor Barbour, stop this killing of Dale Bishop. If this execution goes forward, look around this country for the black bands worn and the church bells tolled in protest of this injustice.

Thank you.

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