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The Yoghurt Shop Case Information Empty The Yoghurt Shop Case Information

Post  Jennie on Thu Jul 31, 2008 11:55 am

(From an email from Bryan McCann of the CEDP Austin)

Hi everyone, As you're likely aware, the new trial for the Yogurt Shop defendants Mike Scottand Robert Springsteen is coming up. The CEDP has been organizing around thiscase for years, and Mike's wife Jeneanne is one of our members. The state'scase against them was nonexistent then and is even more ridiculous now. With the new trials coming up, we're working hard to generate a lot of attentionaround the case. I'm emailing you all for two reasons:

1) To ask you to sign and circulate the petition encouraging the DA's office todrop all charges NOW:

2) To draw your attention to our blog:

Please check this out regularly for updates and circulate/link it anywhere you can. This is obviously a well known case and one where the state's case is lookingless and less tenable in the public eye. We can win this and push our movementforward, but only if we continue to get the word out there.

In Solidarity, Bryan McCann - CEDP Austin

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