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Post  Justice 4 Brendan on Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:13 pm

On Tuesday March 1st 2005, at Kilmarnock High Court, Brendan Dixon and Patrick Docherty were both found guilty of the murder of Margaret Irvine.

Both men were given life sentences for a crime that the evidence shows they did not commit.

Colin Miller [The Third accused man in this case recieved a verdict of Not Proven].

There was no physical evidence in this case. It was based on hearsay and circumstancial evidence.

Police recovered DNA And Footprints from the murder scene which do not belong to any of the accused.

A number of key witnesses, who are no strangers to police, had themselves been questioned about the murder. Several of these witnesses where proven in court to have lied against Brendan

It is important that ALL the evidence is now heard, not just for the sake of Brendan, but also for the sake of Mrs Margaret Irvine, who most certainly did not deserve to be killed.

"Justice delayed is Justice Denied"


Justice 4 Brendan

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