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Please help to save Tony's life!
I send you 2 messages that Rachael sent to the group.
Hi all
As Tony’s case will enter the courts again imminently we are putting some plans into action. Firstly we are approaching the Mayor of El Paso (the county in which Tony was convicted), Mr John Cook, to try to garner his support for Tony’s case.

Mr Cook has already proven himself a strong ally of the anti death penalty movement. He played a leading role in pushing through the resolution for a moratorium on the death penalty in El Paso. (Incidentally Myra Murillo, the mother of the victim in this case, also attended the hearing in 2000 and was in support of the moratorium). More recently Mayor Cook has joined with Sara Hickman on her “Music for Life” tour, a tour designed to spark dialogue about the death penalty.

Please consider writing just a few lines to Mayor Cook encouraging him to take a look at Tony’s case. We are already so fortunate that his mind is open and his stance on this issue a very positive one, and so any correspondence to Mayor Cook we would wish to be polite and non confrontational.

If you feel able to help with this it would be great if you could let me know (so we have an idea of the impact we can have) and of course if you need any additional information or are not clear on any of the aspects of Tony’s case, then please let me know.

Mayor Cook’s Contact Details are as follows:

Mr John Cook

Mayor of El Paso

#2 Civic Center Plaza

10th floor of City Hall

El Paso

Texas 79901

With heartfelt thanks in advance,


For all who prefer to e mail or fax letters in support of Tony to the Mayor of El Paso here are his contact details updated with e mail address, and contact numbers:

Mayor of El Paso, John Cook

#2 Civic Center Plaza, 10th floor of City Hall, El Paso, Texas 79901
Phone: (915)541-4145
Fax: (915)541-4501
E- mail address:

Many thanks


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